Mobile assembly

  • Planning of kilometre-hectometer signs on new and existing lines of the DB-AG or private railways according to DS 800 0104
  • Delivery of kilometre-hectometer and additional signs as well as the corresponding fastening according to DS 800 0104
  • Assembly of kilometre-hectometer signs
  • Delivery and assembly of shields, signs and stickers according to Ebs. drawing set
  • Delivery of signal signs of the German railways
  • Escape route signage in tunnels and on noise barriers
  • permanent (permanent) marking on buildings, masts, piles or on the ground
  • Equipping of lines and buildings with markings of all kinds
  • LST support work during roadway rehabilitation, mechanical work or other technical work on the superstructure.
  • Signal engineering turnout installations as well as turnout conversions
  • accompanying work during maintenance work on switches (e.g. ZGV changes)
  • Shutting down of switches
  • Assembly/maintenance/inspection at switches/ signalling and interlocking technology according to DS 892
  • Delivery of FEW rail contact and pulse former according to application (EBA approved)
  • Out- Installation of track switching equipment of all kinds
  • Delivery and installation of linear train control (Lzb)
  • Delivery and installation of earthing cables and meshing on lines with overhead contact lines
  • cable assembly work
  • Framework agreement partner of DBAG for signalling installation work on outdoor facilities
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